From the interview " David Hockney on joy, longing and spring light: I'm teaching  the French how to paint Normandy!'" by Jonathan Jones:

"Like Monet, Hockney is creating a personal world of natural beauty to paint. His garden covers 1.6 hectares (four acres) and has a stream at the bottom. Walking around the RA exhibition, you feel as if you are there, strolling around, entranced. There are even a couple of lilies in a pond, which Hockney has depicted full of reflections, like Monet’s. What does he think is the appeal? “I think it’s space: the trees exist in space. How do we see space? Sometimes people say, ‘Well, we only see objects, we don’t see space.’ But we feel space, don’t we? I think that’s absolutely true. I feel it here”."   

Hockney is fabulous!