Art allows to relate to and go beyond ourselves. The sky above, the earth below convey vastness and belonging. There is no separation. Everything yearns to be seen, to touch and be touched.

MHG har bott i New York större delen i sitt liv. Hon har en bakgrund som skådespelare och skribent. Det är emellertid i måleriet hon helst vistas. 2012 flyttade Maria till Lund tillsammans med sin familj och är numera verksam i Hovshallar.

MHG has a background as an actor and writer. Returning to Sweden 2012, after nearly thirty years in New York, she discovered out door painting. The experience of driving through raps fields in full bloom hit her like a freight train.  Maria has recently relocated to Hovshallar in order to be closer to her favorite subject - the Bjäre coast.
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