In the end - ones life, ones work - is defined by what one chose to keep and to discard. It takes guts.

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Clear Intent

It is not about what you do but why. Results are by-products. Clarity of intention always prevails.

Oct 15, 2021

Louise Cadogan

Somehow, the people of the British isles keeps producing art with substance. Why? Do they read more books? Because they do not discard tradition? So would have loved to have seen the paintings of Louise Cadogan. Love her motivation, humility and fearlessness:

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the Self in Art

Why should I describe my art? How do you get to know someone? By describing yourself? The self is the tool, not the subject of exploration.

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Processing the Moment

The process of plein-air painting is 98% seeing and 2 % painting, facilitating a symbiosis between observer and object, revealing a reality true of that particular moment, breaking down - what Martin Buber called - “the threshold of mutuality”.

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On Beauty

“ Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not just in the eye. It is in the mind. It is our positive response to life.” Agnes Martin

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Am I painting landscapes?

Object fixation misses the point as it fails to focus on the energy created by the objects. Do I paint landscapes? What exactly is a “landscape”? I am trying to find out.

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What interests me is presence, not particulars. If we shut off the central vision and allow for information to flow, we become active participants in the theatre that surrounds us. Once we abandon classification we can begin to experience.

Apr 03, 2021

On seeing

Seeing is the bridge which connects the viewer with the environment. It is a tool. How we process the information we select, matters. Looking is not the same as seeing. Looking does not imply involvement while the latter does.

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One of the most important people in my life told me to taste the air. It takes some practice. The first step is to pause.

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Fraction of Truth

Putting the easel out-doors shattered my perspectives and priorities. Nature becomes everything. The senses merge with the sky, the sea. It is as though the painting paints itself. I have learned to leave these paintings alone. The critical mind must be kept away. Once I have forgotten the painting and rediscover it, and find that it is alive, then I am happy.

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Kind of Blue

It’s not about the painter. Not about the viewer. Nor about the painting. Rather about that moment when something occurs and these three factors merge.

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On Richard Diebenkorn

"I still wrestle with the same issues as I did when I was first introduced to Diebenkorn’s work, but he helped me to learn that these artistic dilemmas are not just equations that you solve and move past. These issues are themselves the pursuit of art. " Ari Post: "Diebenkorn: All At Once"

Sep 26, 2019

Roos Schuring

"When the Beauty of Nature is the engine to paint, there is nothing else. Fame in painting is something for the dead. Status in painting is all fake. The paintings need to speak for themselves. Honoring the Beauty, by catching a glimpse. It's enough!" Roos Schuring, my absolute favourite plein-air painter.

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the journey of art

"...Part of the challenge of any outer journey, especially when exalted, is having the courage to know when to cut it short, if only so that the inner journey can – and will – remain alive.." Pico Lyer

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when in doubt

when in doubt or need of remembering - listen to the great Maggi Hambling

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the sense of belonging

Our relationship with nature is changing. The big question is: Can you yearn for and treasure something you have never known?

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During a few minutes there is a window, where night gives way for dawn, when the hues of dark blue reign. There is nothing more beautiful.

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Jag kunde sitta i timmar och studera en horisont, skissa och notera färgövergångar. Det ar som om naturen ville visa mig: Det sitter inte i huvudet utan i hjärtat. Naturen är en mästare på känsla. Man måste släppa greppet.

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